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Muskies are one of the toughest sport fish to catch in North America.  Let Ridgway Customs help you in your journey to catching a fish of a lifetime!!!  

These baits are considered 'Twitch or Minnow' baits.  for best results, use a pull, pull, pause cadence.  The rise triggers a lot of strikes.

You can also troll these very well.  Anglers are able to run them up to 8 feet deep but can also adjust rod angle to run them 4 feet deep or shallower. 


All Minnow Baits

6 inch baits = $60

7 inch baits = $65

8 inch baits = $70

9 inch baits = $75

10 inch baits = $80

Free shipping for orders over $100 in the US



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For a custom order please message us through here or any of our social media's.  Purchases on this site are baits completed and on our inventory only.  

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